Anchovies picaracha
Androlla - Pork rib and skin stuffed sausage
Anisette Galician crepes
Apple paste
Arzúa cheese salad with anchovies


Baked chicken wings
Baked chicken with cognac and dried fruits
Baked cod with easy Pil Pil sauce
Baked hake with ham
Baked herb chicken wings
Baked Lamb Shoulder with Hasselback Potatoes
Baked marinated quails
Baked pork rib with honey
Baked sea bream with red pepper
Baked White Seabream
Bean stew
Beans with octopus
Boiled chestnuts
Boiled spider crab
Bonito Casserole
Bonito Escabeche
Bonito with onions in wine
Bonito with tomato
Bread in cocotte
Broth Galician crepes


Cachelos - Galician-style boiled potatoes
Carnival ear-shaped fried dough
Carrot cream
Chestnuts with chorizo
Chicken fingers
Chicken stew with peppers
Chicken with peas
Clams in Ribeiro wine
Cockles empanada (dough of rye and corn flours)
Cod with peppers and tomatoes
Cod with raisins empanada
Cream of leek soup
Crumbed pomfret with garlic
Curried rice with vegetables
Cuttlefish with fideo pasta


Elvers in garlic
Empanada rápida de pollo y puerros
Enfariñada or Faragullos
Express bonito empanada


Flowers of Carnival
Fresh sausages in wine


Galician Hake
Galician octopus
Galician stew
Garlic chicken
Grilled razor shells
Gulas (surimi elvers) with spaghetti


Hake en papillote
Hake with cockles
Horse mackerels escabeche


King cake
Knuckle of ham with turnip greens


Lamb chops
Leek and potato soup
Lentil stew
Lobster-like Monkfish


Macaroni and cheese
Mackerel marinated in escabeche
Marinera clams
Mussels escabeche


Natural abalone


Octopus cocktail
Octopus empanada
Oven baked marinated pork ribs


Pancakes with melted cheese
Pork loin empanada
Pork loin steaks with herbs
Pork shoulder with turnip greens
Pork tenderloin in pressure cooker


Rabbit cooked in wine
Rabbit with Ribeiro red wine
Raxo (Pork loin)
Rice with caramote prawns
Rice with chicken and vegetables
Rice with cockles and chicken
Rice with little Norway lobsters
Rice with seaweed
Roasted chestnuts
Roasted kid or lamb
Ropa vieja #1


Scallops baked in Galician style
Simple baked rabbit
Simple oven baked salmon
Sochantre-style octopus
Spaghetti aglio e olio (garlic and oil)
Spaghetti with pork loin
Spaghetti with vegetables
Squid in ink
Squid with onions and green pepper
Squids au jus
Steamed vegetables in papillote
Stewed squids
Stewed veal shank
Strawberry liqueur
Sweet fritters


Tuna empanada (dough made with milk)
Turnip greens dumplings with garlic
Turnip greens Galician broth
Turnip greens with chorizo


Veal Chulas - Fritters
Vegetable Pie


White beans with ham and tomato


Xoubas (small sardines) with cachelos


Zorza (Pork loin marinated with Spanish paprika)
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