Stew soup

Stew soup

Stew soup The soup of the stew is made, as its name suggests, on the days the stew is made at home. And it is made with the broth in which we have cooked the meats. There are those who put some meat on it, but we like it better only with the pasta. The …

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Green beans with "ajada"

Green beans with “ajada”

Green beans with “ajada” Recipe for green beans with “ajada”. Ajada is a typical dressing or sauce of the gastronomy of Galicia. Its basic ingredients are oil, garlic and sweet paprika. The bean is an annual herbaceous plant, of the Papillionaceae family. It is cultivated in the gardens for its fruit, edible, both dry and …

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Padrón peppers

Padrón peppers

Padrón peppers Padrón peppers are about 2 inches (5 cm) long and have an elongated shape, with a colour ranging from bright green to yellowish green. The taste is mild, but some exemplars can be quite hot. This property has given rise to the popular Galician aphorism “Os pementos de Padrón, uns pican e outros non” (“Padrón peppers, …

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