Hake with cockles

Hake with cockles

  A simple but very tasty recipe. The flavor is given by the cockles since their broth is what is used to cook hake.

Gulas (surimi elvers) with spaghetti

Gulas (surimi elvers) with spaghetti

  A very tasty recipe that, in fact, differs very little from the “Spaghetti aglio e olio”, since we only incorporate the surimi elvers. The rest is the same.

Xoubas (sardinillas) con cachelos

Xoubas (small sardines) with cachelos

The xoubas (small sardines) with cachelos are the same as the grilled sardines with cachelos, one of the most typical Galician dishes in the summer.

Bonito con tomate

Bonito with tomato

  Very easy recipe for bonito with tomato. The texture of the sauce depends on how finely the tomatoes are chopped. I like a little thick but everyone can do it to taste.

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