Galician recipes

Xoubas (sardinillas) con cachelos

Xoubas (small sardines) with cachelos

The xoubas (small sardines) with cachelos are the same as the grilled sardines with cachelos, one of the most typical Galician dishes in the summer.

Octopus á feira

Galician octopus

  To make the Galician-style octopus it is advisable to use a frozen octopus so we avoid having to beat it and we do not risk that it comes out hard

Enfariñada or Faragullos

Enfariñada or Faragullos

  The “enfariñada”, “faragullos” (crumbs) depending on the area, is a typical dish from A Mariña, Lugo. In Trabada it is called Enfariñada and in A Pontenova, Faragullos. In both places a gastronomic festival is celebrated for its exaltation.

Carnival flowers

Carnival Flowers

  How to make Carnival flowers, a typical and traditional recipe from Galicia.

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